Location intelligence across industries


National Clothing & Accessories Retailer

+23% Foot Traffic

Global independent digital media company, PMG partnered with PlaceIQ to drive 23% more foot traffic for test client, Old Navy during the critical holiday shopping season.

National CPG Brand

Filippo Berio used PlaceIQ custom audiences to deliver highly targeted ads to visitors of the select Walmart locations that carry Filippo Berio products, minimizing waste and delivering 4.09x lift.

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Luxury Goods Retailer

Shinola, a high end retailer, ran targeted mobile ads based on visit data around their OOH placements, amplifying their OOH investment and driving store visitation.

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National Retailer

In a closed test, markets that were optimized to visits resulted in approximately 15% more traffic than markets that were optimized to traditional digital metrics like click through rate and viewability.

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Leading Clothing Retailer

Urban Outfitters, a youth-focused clothing retailer leveraged an integration between PlaceIQ and Braze to gain deeper insights into customer interests and behaviors both online and off.

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National Convenience Store Chain

QuickChek, a convenience store chain with over 140 locations, wanted to drive in-store visitation and gain marketshare from competitors.

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NFL Stadium Sponsorship

Partnering with PlaceIQ and IRI, the client was able to determine a visit to a stadium event sponsored by the brand drove a 14% off-premises sales lift.

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Competitive Beauty Brand

Haircare brand, Zotos, used a combination of visitation, purchase and DMA data to lift foot traffic to key retailers selling their products by 20%.

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Leading Soft Drink Brand

A beverage brand aimed to understand audience commute patterns to identify the most convenient purchase locations for consumers.

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Casual Dining Restaurant

A casual dining restaurant leveraged location intelligence to reach consumers who were nearby their locations during a promotional push.

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Men's Grooming CPG Brand

By working with PlaceIQ and IRI, this brand was able to create a custom conquesting audience, and measure the impact in both foot traffic and sales lift.

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National Hotel Chain

A national hotel chain wanted to measure success beyond CTR, as many guests were coming without ever visiting their website.

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Global Cosmetics Retailer

A global retailer aimed to increase visitation to their retail locations among U.S. consumers who were traveling or vacationing within the U.S.

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