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Insist on Garrett

Every Garrett® turbo distributed through the global Aftermarket meets the specification demanded by the original car and truck manufacturer.

Performance & Reliability

Meeting specifications demanded.

“We don’t just make turbos…we build peace of mind”

There are more than 100 million gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars around the world boosted by Garrett turbos.
This global adoption of turbocharging in gasoline, diesel and hybrid powertrains means growing opportunity in replacement turbos for auto service centers and garages.

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Genuine Garrett

When it’s time to replace your car’s turbocharger, don’t take risks. When your turbocharger is spinning at 300,000 rpm, and operating up to 1050 degrees Celsius, almost the same isn’t good enough.

Global Specifications


Every Garrett turbo distributed through the global Aftermarket meets the specification demanded by the original car and truck manufacturer.

German, Spanish, Italian and Swiss governmental authorities published a statement on the risks of losing type approval and getting potential heavy fines because of driving cars using improper, unapproved auto replacement parts, including turbochargers.

Choose Garrett. Do not take the risk to buy a non OE-specified turbo!

  • German Type Approval
  • Spanish Type Approval
  • Italian Type Approval
  • Swiss Type Approval

Accept No Substitute

Same performance, same intricate calibration, and same whole-life advantages – but with none of the risks associated with the poor- quality copy turbos that are sold around the world as supposed substitutes.

Recent product analysis undertaken by Garrett – Advancing Motion, comparing original quality Garrett turbos with remanufactured VNT™ turbos using non-original components and copy turbos, shows that its market-leading Garrett turbos deliver significantly better whole-life value than lower-cost non-genuine alternatives when taking into account reliability, performance, fuel efficiency, and longevity.

Some copy turbos fail literally within hours of installation – and the effects can be catastrophic. While bearing problems are most commonplace, the bolts joining the turbine housing to the center housing are also known to ‘relax’, leading to gas leakage, mechanical damage and oil leakage that can, in turn, contaminate the catalytic converter or the DPF system.

Any attempt at VNT turbo remanufacture, using non-genuine substitute parts and different processes than those ones from the Turbo manufacturer, is equally fraught with difficulty and can lead to potentially serious problems, including:

  • Conflict with the Engine Management System
  • Too low flow/pressurecausing poor response, poor overall performance and increased emissions
  • Over-rich Diesel fuel/air mixcausing excessively high temperatures, damaging both the turbo and the engine
  • Too high low/pressureleading to the over-speeding of the turbo, wheel bursting and damage to turbo and engine
  • Excessive boost pressurecausing physical damage to the engine


Independent Lab tests show as much as 40% performance gap between genuine Garrett Aftermarket Turbos and Copies.

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