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Advanced Controls and System Optimization

We solve new complex problems by advancing automotive controls technology.

We Solve Complex Automotive Challenges


Reduced development time

Powertrain architecture Optimization

Through Our Advanced Controls & System Optimization

Technology transfer from aerospace & energy industries

30+ Patented physics-based model predictive controls

Production ready solutions since 2019


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Energy Management

Our modular approach using contextual and vehicle health information predicts the best energy and thermal balance to optimize vehicle efficiency and operation in real life. Results have shown benefits of up to 10% fuel savings and significant improvement in the battery operation state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH).

Garrett Motion

Boost Control & Airpath

Garrett’s physics-based model predictive boost and airpath control enables superior performance of up to 10% and contributes to fuel and emissions reduction up to 5% in real life. At the same time, it reduces the product and development cost by up to $70/unit and 30% calibration effort reduction.

Garrett Motion

Tailored Solutions & Support

Garrett’s advanced controls powertrain library, integrating 30 patented innovations along with technologies transferred from aerospace and energy, provides the building blocks for tailored solutions to complex challenges. Our systems and expertise deliver proven production-ready advances in boost control and health management, airpath, after-treatment, energy optimization, predictive cruise control, vehicle dynamic control, battery SOC and SOH estimation, and transmission control. All available to deliver complex system optimization, ready for real-world condition validation.

Garrett Motion

Development Tools & Technology

Garrett’s best-in-class design and calibration toolbox is proven to accelerate pre-development times by up to 6 months, reduce unplanned software release by up to 80%. Our algorithms, support, and tools – including real-time on-board optimizer and auto-calibration technologies – enable faster and more efficient program development, calibration, and integration, demonstrating the tangible value of our advanced controls collaboration model.


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